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Computer Laboratory

The Department is well equipped with hardware as well as Software facilities, fully air-conditioned programming, graphics, Linux, database, software engineering, and Communication, Internet and network laboratories with UPS and printers. The labs consist of most advanced Core 2 Duo and Core i3 machine with fedora 12 professional operating systems. Separate Linux lab with dual OS is available with advanced Networking facilities. All the labs are LAN connected with licensed software packages related to latest global techniques.Each student has independent access to a computer.


The college has a well furnished & well-equipped workshop where students learn about basic manufacturing methods.Every student prepares jobs in all the shops with his/her own hands under the guidance of experienced faculty and technicians. The workshop has the following sections . Machine shop ,Fitting shop, Foundry shop, Sheet metal shop, Welding shop, Electrical and electronics shop.

Physics Laboratory

Physics is an important subject to understand concepts of engineering and technology. At CTC Physics Lab is well equipped with latest devices and instruments. The lab has set up for 15 experiments. The experiments in course of practical physics are designed to achieve definite quantitative results. The object of an experiment in general is: Determination of a physical constant, Measurements of a quantity connected with a particular body, comparison of two quantities, testing of quantitative laws. A laboratory experiment offers an opportunity to the students to familiarize themselves with various instruments, which they read in theory and this finds application in industry, engineering and everyday life. Physics Experiments help the students in understanding the nature of science. It further develops in them a habit of doing things efficiently and regularly. Skills and ability develops during the laboratory activity can be easily adapted for the engineering activities like concepts of electronics and IT are developed as a way to understand modern micro computer based instrumentation.It has a proper dark room to conduct the prescribed experiments related to “OPTICS”.

Chemistry Laboratory

Engineering Chemistry is the branch of chemistry which deals with various Engineering products and materials. Knowledge of Engineering Chemistry continues to move ahead on many fronts. The department has modern teaching aids like OHP, LCD,PPT etc. Faculty members have published different articles in reputed National and International Journals and are constantly involved indifferent research projects. This department has well equipped labs.

Spacious Chemistry lab has a capacity of 30 students work at a time. The laboratory equipped with all the necessary equipments and each student is provided with a separate gas burner, burette and pipette (for titration experiments) at his/her table.

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